Call overflows and missed calls on phone with ring groups

Hi all,

I use Freepbx 13 / Asterisk 13, up to date.

I’ve 2 ring groups :

  • 600 : RG1
  • 601 : RG2

In RG1 I’ve one extension :

  • 100

In RG2 i’ve 4 extensions :

  • 100
  • 101
  • 102
  • 103

RG2 is the destination if no answer on RG1 after 15 seconds.

Phones are Yealink T46S up to date.

The problem is : when a call arrive on RG1 and extension 100 does not answer, the call overflows on RG2. If 101 answer the call, extension 100 has a missed call and she calls back the client whereas someone has answered the call in RG2…

100 is the secretary… the others are the team members…

Thank for your help !!

I am not sure about ring groups, (don’t have a system in front of me at the moment) but in Queues you can enable “mark calls answered elsewhere” to avoid this issue.

In a queue, I can’t program a call to :

  • Ring 15 seconds on extension 100 and if no answer
  • Ring 25 seconds on extension 100+101+102+103

You can do the same setup as you have with Ring Groups.

Also, i see now that RG do have this elsewhere feature

The problem is it wasn’t answered elsewhere inside the first ring group. It was a missed called inside RG1 and failed over to RG2.

Instead of a ring group, send external calls directly to a second extension on the secretary’s phone. Set up Follow Me with the new extension and 101, 102 and 103 in the Follow-Me list. Set Initial Ring Time to 15, Follow-Me Ring Time to e.g. 45 and Ring Strategy to ringallv2.

If the above is not useful, please post details about your constraints.

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