Call out on specific Trunk with "Speedial / Shortcut" on Sangoma phones

In doing testing for different trunk providers I’d like to be able to set a button you can press on the Sangoma phones that dials out from that desks extension but goes out on a specific trunk when that button is pressed.

Is there a module to do this function or am I over complicating it? Some type of shortcut key that I can program and when pressed dials out that alternative route?

Would it be something with using like the CallerID feature code module and then setting that outbound trunk to match for that outbound DID?


Using buttons for this is needlessly complicated. Use dial prefixes like 66, 77, 88 etc. And define separate outbound routes to strip the prefix and go to different trunks.

edit - you can program a speeddial button with 66+, which will dial the 66 prefix for you, and the + will wait for you to complete the number manually.

Yeah it was more so to make it easy for the end user not having to remember a prefix code, I actually thought about the speedial thing and the pause after I posted but couldn’t remember the character so that’s what I’ll do is setup the prefix for outbound and then do the speedial with the +


I agree with @lgaetz on using dial prefixes, but disagree on the specific choices.

Assuming that you have a North America-centric system that allows 10-digit dialing, you would program your devices to send the call immediately after the 10th digit is entered, without having to press send or #.

You don’t want any prefixes to conflict with that. On my own system, trunk access codes are 02, 03, 04, etc. If you are using codes beginning with 0 for other purposes, I recommend 29, 39, 49, etc. for trunk access. Change the 10-digit pattern match to N[0-8]XNXXXXXX or the equivalent for your device. You can add a pattern so that when a trunk access code is used, the call is sent immediately after the 12th digit is dialed.

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