Call on PJSIP/trunk placed on hold before picking up the call

Hi all, I have an issue with my freepbx. I used a softphone in 4g mode, make a outbound call to my actually phone. My phone heared on hold music during the call, and my softphone resulted in no audio at all.
I captured the log file, it seems to be placed on hold before picking up the phone.

[2021-08-23 07:02:47] VERBOSE[9272][C-00000102] app_dial.c: Called PJSIP/[email protected]
[2021-08-23 07:02:50] VERBOSE[9272][C-00000102] app_dial.c: PJSIP/Trunk-000000e5 is making progress passing it to PJSIP/101-000000e4
[2021-08-23 07:02:50] VERBOSE[9272][C-00000102] app_dial.c: Call on PJSIP/Trunk-000000e5 placed on hold
[2021-08-23 07:02:50] VERBOSE[9272][C-00000102] res_musiconhold.c: Started music on hold, class ‘default’, on channel ‘PJSIP/Trunk-000000e5’
[2021-08-23 07:02:54] VERBOSE[9272][C-00000102] app_dial.c: PJSIP/Trunk-000000e5 requested media update control 26, passing it to PJSIP/101-000000e4
[2021-08-23 07:02:54] VERBOSE[9272][C-00000102] app_dial.c: PJSIP/Trunk-000000e5 answered PJSIP/101-000000e4

[2021-08-23 07:02:54] VERBOSE[9285][C-00000102] bridge_channel.c: Channel PJSIP/Trunk-000000e5 joined ‘simple_bridge’ basic-bridge <4f179b9e-c354-4dff-ad34-f2ec2a8d79ed>
[2021-08-23 07:02:54] VERBOSE[9272][C-00000102] bridge_channel.c: Channel PJSIP/101-000000e4 joined ‘simple_bridge’ basic-bridge <4f179b9e-c354-4dff-ad34-f2ec2a8d79ed>
[2021-08-23 07:03:10] VERBOSE[9285][C-00000102] res_musiconhold.c: Stopped music on hold on PJSIP/Trunk-000000e5
[2021-08-23 07:03:10] VERBOSE[9285][C-00000102] bridge_channel.c: Channel PJSIP/Trunk-000000e5 left ‘simple_bridge’ basic-bridge <4f179b9e-c354-4dff-ad34-f2ec2a8d79ed>
[2021-08-23 07:03:10] VERBOSE[9272][C-00000102] bridge_channel.c: Channel PJSIP/101-000000e4 left ‘simple_bridge’ basic-bridge <4f179b9e-c354-4dff-ad34-f2ec2a8d79ed>

No audio could be a RTP port firewall issue. Do you have the ports open between the softphone and FreePBX?

yes 10000-20000. According to what my client said, this happens only in 4g mode, wifi mode works pretty well.

The soft phone seems to have done something to actively create this situation. Simply failing to get media through wouldn’t result in hold being indicated on the called side. It would really need to send a=recvonly, sendonly, or inactive, or send an all zeroes media address, in the SDP.

I would want to run “pjsip set logger on” and look at the SDP that the the caller is sending.

Has the caller been answered, e.g. for an IVR?

yes the caller (outbound call) has been answered, there was no IVR at that moment, and at the caller side no audio at all. This situation only happens to my clients phone, he cliamed that the softphone setting is indentical to mine. Mine works great.

In that case we’d need examples of the pjsip set logger on output for calls from both phones.

If it is working on one network (WiFi) but not another (4g) are you sure the ports are open to accept and receive traffic from the 4g network?

My assumptions about the cause assume that the problem is in the SDP, but the history feature doesn’t provide the level of detail needed to look at that.

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