Call monitoring

I can’t find this option in my FreePBX, Asterisk Version: 13.19.1 pls help me.

The call monitoring within the UCP? I am aware of the call history module. Would that work?

In 13, its more like:

In 14:

thanks for answering but i need an option to monitor calls in real time
or if is an other option no to UCP panel control

The module you are looking at appears to be depreciated. I am confused as the links I gave you are to “real time” tools? What are you specifically trying to do?

Isn’t’ the deprecated module the ARI interface to Call Monitoring through UCP?

On the original question - someone asked a similar question last week and the (IIRC) answer had to do with the permissions allowed for the user. Call Monitoring (of only your own calls) is an option that’s normally off and has to be enabled on purpose for each user that needs the capability.

For system-wide call monitoring, you need to use the Call History module or CDR reports.

hi guys
i want to monitoitor calls of exten in real time
i dont want a report of calls
but as i know in UCP panel is not this option
maybe is in other option in admin panel from asterisk

If you want to monitor calls in real time, there are no reports or “links” that are going to help you. The output of the recording process isn’t written to the disk until the call is complete.

You want to use “barge” to listen to a call in real time. We were talking about barging into calls here last week.

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i dont want to listen
just to see who of the exten is in call or who is in pause
do you understand what i mean

but form asterisk cli how can i monitor the calls

In the GUI you can go to: Reports>Asterisk Info>Queues

From the CLI: queue show 703

If you were looking to spy/barge on calls from a GUI interface consider:

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sip show channels verbose

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hiii dicko
with this comand i can monitor all the calls of my exten in real time

i know this method but an other option without this tools

To me, Its not super clear what you are asking to do. Maybe you can clarify?

If you want to see agent states for a queue in the CLI, type “queue show XXX”. XXX is your queue number.

If you want to listen to/barge an active call you would need to create custom code or use a tool someone else has already built.

for exam

  exten                      state                              connection
        201             talk   2:30        1425xxxxxxxx

Queuemetrics has a realtime monitor and a wallboard plus a lot of other features. They are expensive and not a simple setup. Freepbx has queue stats coming out that will do it but they did not say when it will be out or the cost.

Maybe you want the queue logs?

@comtech @jasonp

thanks guys :smiley:

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