Call Monitor Search Function

I’ve got a question in regards to the Search function on the Call Monitor page…

I’ve deployed a PBX-in-a-Flash system in my company (Working great!) but before I release the URL for the ARI company-wide I need to understand exactly how the Call Monitor Search box works. When I put in an extension number (like 1234) I expect that records with 1234 in the source or destination columns would be matched. Instead I get some records with 1234, but I get many others that don’t have 1234 in any of the displayed columns. Can someone shed some light on how this works?

I do realize that this is used primarily for getting to call recordings, but a couple people that tested it were using it to find out how much time they had spent on certain calls. So I know others will likely have this question.

Thanks to everyone for this excellent project and implementation!

Search on the Call Monitor page searches all the columns, not just the source and destination columns. That way you can search for dates and times, but it does make it a little difficult to find a specific call. I usually use a combination of the Search and the column sorting to bring to the top the record that I want to find. For exact details on how the Search works, check out the php source code on your server at /var/www/html/recordings/modules/callmonitor.module (or, if you are using a Debian-based server, /var/www/recordings/modules/callmonitor.module).

sorry, didn’t understand the answer…
what do i have to do if i want to find all the calls made by the extension 220, at the date of 2009-05-28???

how do i separate different values in the search field?