Call monitor doesn't seem to work

Hi, I just rented out a AsteriskNOW/FreePBX VPS from,

The VOIP itself looks like it’s working all right, but I can’t get call monitor interface to work. Furthermore, nothing is shown when clicking on the reports…

There’s a .wav file in var/spool/asterisk/monitor, however, if I am to record everything, it seems it would be very tedious to sift through

If anybody could help me out, it would be greatly appreciated,thanks.:slight_smile:

You need to tell us all the version numbers of the OS, Asterisk and FreePBX.

You find the recordings in the user panel.

The 2.10 beta shows the recordings in the CDR.

FreePBX is 2.7.0, Asterisk,


There’s no call traffic logged in the web GUI nor are there any recordings.

Asterisk now is not an OS. AsteriskNow uses CentOS. They also use a very old version of FreePBX. However, call recording certainly worked in that version.

You need to take us through this each step of the way and provide more information.

1 - Where is recording set to on (in the extension etc.) or are you using on demand

2 - Are there any files in /var/spool/asterisk/monitor

3 - If answer to 2 is know, post verbose log output from the time of a call. Log file is /var/log/asterisk/full set log level to 4 (core set versbose 4), don’t forget to turn it off when done with the capture.

General tips…When posting log output sanitize out any numbers you don’t want publicized. Try and only post log from one call, and only the call setup info. If the log is long use and post a link in your message. When posting any system output use the [code]tags[/code] tags so we can read your output easily.

I would also update your FreePBX to the current version of 2.9

Hey Skyking,

I finally got it working on my own. I dug deeper in the forum and just followed the instructions at:

I’ll update to FreePBX 2.9 as you suggested. Are there any special caveats I should be aware of before doing so?

Thanks again for the tips, it is very much appreciated.