- Call Logs - No data found ! asterisk- / freepbx-2.9.0

Hi everyone,

I need help to figure this out. I installed the freepbx, all modules are up and running and shown green status however I setup an internal couple sip extensions and I made some test calls but when I went to pull the cdr I got the following error "CALL LOGS- NO DATA FOUND!!! " could someone help me. Thank you in advance.

If anybody has solution for this I would appreciate knowing as well. I have tried several fixes that were suggested for Version 1.6 (such as reinstalling addons trough a yum command, and changing the 16 to 18 said it installed but no soap. I note that both the mysql asteriskcdrdb\cdr talb is empty, and the cdr-csv directory is likewise empty… Any suugestions would be appreciatedl… Oh…runing Asterisk v1.8.7.0 and FreePBX GUI 2.9 thanks.