Call Log does not work on P330, P370

I see some past discussions about this topic where the resolution was to ensure a valid TLS certificate is present. It is.

My P370 and P330 phones are connecting to the server on port 2443 when I request the call log. I see back-and-forth traffic, but the call log is empty.

If I connect to port 2443 with openssl I get a valid certificate.

Call log works fine on Sangoma Desktop phone, which connects a different way. So I am focusing on this REST apps connection but can’t find the fault, and nothing appears in the restapps*.log files.

How can I troubleshoot this? Any ideas?

I found the problem: I had set a DNS name for the external address but an IP address for the internal, and the phones were configured to use internal. I worked out a DNS view that allows the DNS name to be valid whether internal or external.


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