Call is not shifting to other trunk

I have configured two trunk of voiptalk. I have give priority to voip and second priority to voip2. I have 2 channel of each trunk. My call third call is not shifted to voip2 and it plays message that you are exceeding co current call limit. Any body have idea how to sort this problem

Just kind of wondering why 2 SIP trunks from the same provider to the same server. That aside, it seems I saw something about this a while back and, if my memory serves me correctly, the consensus was that since they were terminated into the same box with the same IP Address, the provider considered it a single connection.

I may be totally off base, but just a thought.


Is it possible that on server I configure that after two sessions it will try other trunk

Don’t know. My thought was that for various reasons your provider is not seeing your setup as two separate trunks.