Call is not able to here after forwarding by the Voip Freepbx server

When we put DID A 48XXXXXXX forwarding to DID B 48XXXXXXX through EEG VOIP server, the phone at location receives that call and when some one answer the call; both parties are not able to hear each other.

  1. We have added extension custom device with extension number 2201 and that will ring on DID B 48XXXXXXX
    like (SIP/in-voip/48XXXXXXX). So now if some one call on 2201 then it will ring on DID B 48XXXXXXX and call is able to hear both end.

  2. on second option we have inbound did A 48XXXXXXX and destination is 2201. So now if some one call on DID A 48XXXXXXX then it will ring on DID B 48XXXXXXX as destionation but not able to hear the voice both end .

Can some one help me regarding this issue.

Start with looking at your RTP set-up - the UDP ports 10000 to 19999 part of the calling stream. There are lots of things in that configuration that might need adjusted, and random suggesting things to change is only going to result in additional problems.

Generally, when I hear about no-way audio, the places I start looking are the firewalls and the network connections. Is there a VPN between the two sites? Are you using permit and deny blocks on your phones? There are just SO many places this could be going wrong that it really isn’t possible to troubleshoot without at least logs.