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Call info and records

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(Croissantisokay) #1

Hi/Hello/Bonjour/Hey… I’m really new to freepbx and voip, and i’m learning about modules and cdr reports atm.

And I have two really simple questions : can we send with a module call informations and records to an other server ?

I wanted to do a WebRTC phone that the user can access to his “call history” and records. Can someone show me a way to do this?

and for the second question : i wanted to know why my reports appear two times for each calls ? is that normal or this is a miss-configuration from me??

Thank you and Have a nice day !

(Itzik) #2

You can store CDR and call recordings on a remote server, see wiki.
However, you might also want to develop your app to connect to your existing PBX to pull the data.

I see that you are using FreePBX 13 (current is FreePBX 14), is it at least updated?

(Croissantisokay) #3

Okay, i’m gonna dig this way !

And i’m using the old FreePBX distro, i don’t know why SNG7 can’t be installed for me

i’m stuck there when i’m trying to install it on my VM

(Lorne Gaetz) #4

The paid CRM Module has an API that allows you to query call history:

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