Call info and records

Hi/Hello/Bonjour/Hey… I’m really new to freepbx and voip, and i’m learning about modules and cdr reports atm.

And I have two really simple questions : can we send with a module call informations and records to an other server ?

I wanted to do a WebRTC phone that the user can access to his “call history” and records. Can someone show me a way to do this?

and for the second question : i wanted to know why my reports appear two times for each calls ? is that normal or this is a miss-configuration from me??

Thank you and Have a nice day !

You can store CDR and call recordings on a remote server, see wiki.
However, you might also want to develop your app to connect to your existing PBX to pull the data.

I see that you are using FreePBX 13 (current is FreePBX 14), is it at least updated?

Okay, i’m gonna dig this way !

And i’m using the old FreePBX distro, i don’t know why SNG7 can’t be installed for me

i’m stuck there when i’m trying to install it on my VM

The paid CRM Module has an API that allows you to query call history:

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