Call History (and CDR) related to Parked Calls

We are using Asterisk 11.7 and FreePBX 2.11

I believe the system is working as intended but we are looking to see if we can get the Caller ID of a parked call to show up in the Call History of our phones and on the CDR.

We are using Grandstream 2100 and 2124 phones.

When a call comes in, it is answered at the receptionist, she places the call on Park (70), then end user picks up the call (71, for example) and the outside Caller ID does show up on the phone at both locations.

The problem we are having is when a user goes back to look at their call history or even when we pull the CDR, we only see the Users extension dialing 71. We do not get any additional information associated with this call.

Is there a setting we are missing or an application we can use to see the Users Extension calling Park and the Caller ID information of the person on Park in reports and call history?

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