Call Groups and incoming calls

I am trying to see is there a way to label calls being send out to a call group so on our caller ids we see it’s a work-related call. we currently have a ring group and when a call comes in all our phones ring, but we get confused because it’s just the number and not “call from company” if that makes sense.

Set CID Name Prefix for the Ring Group as desired.

Or, Set Alert Info for the Ring Group to use a different ringtone (or at least a different ring cadence).

Or, if the phones each have a spare line appearance, set up a second set of extensions on those buttons and have the Ring Group ring those. You can then distinguish the calls by which button is flashing.

so i kind of figured it out so it’s for external cell phones and it can’t do letters, has to be a numerical value which has its pros and cons really wish you could just make the name for caller id be a certain word then number be the callers number

would the set CID tab only work for internal phones and not external?

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