Call going straight to voicemail

I am using a setup I got from here:
It comes with a bunch of pre-configured stuff.
I have things set up correctly, and I was able to get incoming calls in the beginning.
Now, though, for some reason, when I try to call my number, the calls go directly to the voicemail box that is set up on the ring group, where it should ring if there is no answer.
The log looks like this:


  1. 2009-09-28 21:52:38 SIP/462027… 443******* " vmu102 ANSWERED 00:15

How can I fix this?

Here is a full log from the Asterisk CLI of a call:
Someone told me that it seems like my devices aren’t reporting back to my Asterisk/PBXIAF box.
Anyone have any ideas?

Remove the CallerID lookup that you have misconfigured. Then try again.

Fixed that now…

I think I fixed it - that must have been it.
Seems pretty weird though that that would cause it…