Call from one site to another site thru inta-company trunk and then call forward

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So here’s my issue. I have two PBX’s SITE A and SITE B.

When one employee in SITE A Calls another Employee in Site B it works fine. But when Employee in Site B has their find me follow me turned on the call to the Find Me/Follow Me destination fails. In this case the destination is a cellphone. If an employee in site b calls the same employee in site B the find me follow me works fine.

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Site to site PJSIP trunks do not send a valid caller ID out when a call forwards.

Even if you have the force route CID checked. I complained about this a few weeks ago or so.

I haven’t had the free time to debug the call flow.

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There’s a technique in this post that addresses this use case: What is the best way to connect multiple FreePBX together?

The idea is to encode the external CallerID of the dialing extension in a custom header, and then extract it again on the pstn leg of the call. The linked post uses IAX, but the same could be done with SIP as well.

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My orginal test case of this was using IAX with the same results.

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And the custom context using the predial hook?

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I have not tried that yet. Am not quite sure how to add that,

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You need to add it in extensions_custom.conf

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Well, How about that. Added that code to the extensions.conf on both sides. Placed the test call and I saw it route thru and go out the outbound trunk to the cellphone.

Thank you so much.


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