Call from internal extension to inbound route

i defined a inbound route with number: 400.
why can’t i reach this inbound route from an simple internal extension. if i dial from my phione with extension “100” the inbound route i always get a busy line?


How have you defined your inbound route? It usually has at least

  • a name
  • a DID number (optional)
  • a Caller ID number (optional)
  • a target extension/ voicemail/termination

Usually the inbound routers are used for incoming external calls only, and are not used for internal calls.

You can reach them by dialing your own phone number (if you have enough lines), but this is probably not what you intend.

However, if this is exactly the way you are using, and you have only 1 line, this would explain the busy signal (the line is already used for the outgoing call, so the telco/provider considers it busy).