Call forwarding using partial reroute in chan_pjsip

I’m trying to forward calls using partial reroute (SIP 302) so the forwarding target would be able to see the original caller’s number. I’ve seen several ways to do so but they all seem to relate to chan_sip (and thus do not work for me). Is there a way to achieve the same via chan_pjsip?

Can you elaborate further on what exactly you mean by this? (Including a call example step by step would be helpful)

Let’s say the user of extension 123 has established an unconditional call forwarding to his cellphone (e.g. via functioncode *93). Right now, if a call comes in from the outside which normally would end at extension 123, the call is accepted and a new call to the user’s cellphone is created and all data is shifted back and forth between those two calls. The drawback is that the cellphone only displays the number of the second call which is the head number of the trunk, not the number of the original caller.

But if the PBX would answer the first call with a 302 the provider can directly forward the call to the cellphone which in turn would show the original caller’s number. How can this be achieved using PJSIP?

The Transfer dialplan application works the same way between both, but whether that will work in practice or not - I do not know. Even without doing the 302 the callerid presented is up to configuration and the ITSP.

That would also be possible. But with our ITSP Partial Reroute (302) is available OOTB whereas ClipNoScreening requires a notable fee. So we’d like to go for the 302 :wink:.

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