CALL FORWARDING - Single Button Pre-programmed - How To

I have a customer who wants a Call Forward button on their phone so they can hit it and it will automatically forward her phone calls to another person and then when she comes back hit it again and it turns off.

The one issue is that I only have one button on the Grandstream phone open to add the button on and the other is that they don’t want to have to enter “202” for the other extension.

What’s the best way to handle this?


I’ve been reading and searching - is there no easy way to put a call forward button on a phone??

I’ve had mixed results depending on the phone but on my soft phones I just create a phone book entry to dial *72,131 (the commas are pauses for most phones) and then *73 to cancel it. On most phones you can program phone book entries to be a button (at least most phones I deal with like Cisco and Polycoms). It wouldn’t be a single button for both but a button for on and then one for off.

I’m trying to do this with a single button using the RestAPI module but having a lot of issues just getting the RestAPI issue to work at all (another topic I have opened here). You would need to have some kind of intermediary to record the logic of when you enabled it so you know whether or not the next button press would disable it - that’s where the RestAPI comes in handy for me because it can poll the system dynamically to know who is enabled and who is not.

How I got around it was to use FOLLOW ME. I set up the follow me to ring that extension and the one she wanted it forwarded too just in case she forgot to turn it off. I didn’t activate it in the extension settings.

Put a CALL FWD (speed dial programmed for Follow Me) button the phone and now she can toggle it on or off with one key.

There has to be a better way but I can’t find it.

I do the follow me too because it is a one-dial-does-all solution but the problem is if we want something more complex. For me I have my follow me ring through about 10 things to get to me, impractical if I’m moving to a different extension (or using a soft phone on my iPad for the day) but what you described is how I did it for a long time too.

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