Call forwarding setup

i’ve searched the forum but i think the answer is probably there however i’m not asking the correct question.

current setup: freepbx 2.10
2 x pstn numbers, seperate numbers
2 x sip trunks, seperate numbers.

if i want to call forward all incoming numbers to an outside number, in this case a call answering service, would i need another sip trunk to send out the forward calls from the freepbx server.

if so how do i route call forwarding in that case.

apologies for my ignorance re call forwarding


It depends, if your sip trunk allows more than one concurrent call you can use your same trunk.

Set up a ring group with the external number to be forwarded to followed by a #, then if you want the forward to be manually applied use Call Flow or if you want it automatic at set times use Time Conditions/Groups to send the incoming call to your ring group.

thanks for that
the ring group option looks quite good

how does the feature code fit into this, or does it at all.

once again thanks