Call forwarding issue


I am hoping someone can help me here. I have 2 Tribox CE which I am in process of migrating both of them to FreePBX in next coming month. I know the trixbox is gone, but the 2 pbx systems has been working in stable for while and since it’s no longer supported and Fonality killed the project, I’ve decided to migrate both of them to freepbx.

My main issue issue is call forwarding. The 2 systems have same T1 cards, same carrier, etc. Both systems have same settings (IVRs, ring-groups, etc) except extensions are different. Both systems are not linked together.

I have setup Time Group and Conditions. I have created a custom extension and in the custom dial, I am using “local/<my_forwarding_number@from-internal”

In one of the system, this works on weekends when there is call coming from outside and it forwards to the outside line. However in 2nd system, it rings once and it gets busy signal. I looked everywhere to see this is happening. I even used
"local<my_forwarding_numer@outside-allroute" and same problem.
As I said, when calls comes in from outside, it rings once and then gets busy signal.

From internal, I can dial that custom extension, and it rings to the outside number without any problem.

Many thanks if anyone can shed some light on this.
Thanks again

Not sure what the question is.

SkykingOH -

Problem is in one PBX system, all the outside calls come in, then gets forwarded to another outside call. In other PBX, the outside calls comes in, then it rings once, and then it gets busy signal.

In my custom extension, I added “local/<forward_number@from-internal”

what i mean was in custom dial for my custom extension
One system accepts the outside number and forward to an outside number, but my other pbx system, it rings once and it gets busy signal.