Call forwarding in custom extensions

Hello everyone, I have freepbx server with custom contexts for every extension and I want to turn on call forwarding (*72) but when I type *72 from sip phone asterisk says that this extension not found in this context.

Your custom context would need to have some/all of these contexts:-

include => app-cf-busy-off
include => app-cf-busy-off-any
include => app-cf-busy-on
include => app-cf-busy-prompting-on
include => app-cf-off
include => app-cf-off-any
include => app-cf-on
include => app-cf-prompting-on
include => app-cf-unavailable-off
include => app-cf-unavailable-on
include => app-cf-unavailable-prompt-on
include => app-cf-toggle

I thought that but I didn’t know all the apps names :))
thanks for answer I’ll try