Call Forwarding hiding

The Call Forwarding module is installed and up to date, but I can’t see it under applications so where is it hiding?

There is no menu entry for Call Forward. Installing the module generates feature codes, apps and UCP features for users to control forwarding.

OK, so how do I setup a feature code to forward 1 and only 1 DID to an external number


But not forward DID +4413XXXXXXXX

You don’t need the Call Forward module for that, it’s a basic feature of core.

Create a Misc Destination for the external number
Create/edit the inbound route for the DID in question and send to the Misc Destination.

And how does a user activate and deactivate from an extension for a particular DID?

I can forward an extension to an external number, but some incoming DIDs go to several extensions

Manually branching a call as you describe is done with the Call Flow control module.

Thanks that seems to work, but the calling party only hears silence when the forwarding number is dialed.

This is where having RTP ports opened on the firewall (in front of the PBX) is needed. Unless you force media to be played the Local channel being used for forwarding the call doesnt pass audio and thus doesnt open up ports in the firewall on the outgoing request.

10000 - 20000, inbound I take it, but are these source ports or destination ports?

Destination. They would be sending to those ports for audio. Those ports arent opening up this is why there is no inbound audio.

Hmm. I opened all ports to the LAN IP address in the USG20-VPN and still the caller hears nothing even though the forward happens

Under Settings → Asterisk SIP settings do you have the correct IP information set in External Address and Local networks?

If not make sure they are set correctly and restart asterisk after applying the correct information.

Brilliant the external address was set to the FTTP WAN IP address not the 1:1 NAT WAN address of the LAN address.

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