Call forwarding before picking up the phone

Hi, please tell me can i forward incoming call before i pick up the phone? Maybe exist certain phones with this functionality, or i can do it from freepbx?

You can use call forwarding which can be managed in UCP or by the feature codes *72 & *73.

Or you can use FollowMe.

With that said, if you want calls from a specific DID or option to be routed to an external number, then you can use create a Misc Destination which dials the external number.

I want to redirect any incoming calls before i pick up phone, not after, it’s possible? E.x Incoming call, i see it, but can’t answer at this time, or don’t want it and i want to redirect this call to another manager, but not pick up phone.

Some phones give you a forward button while your phone is ringing. Sangoma Phones has that feature.

  • Call rings your phone
  • You don’t want to answer
  • You press the forward button
  • Enter the destination where you want to forward this call
  • Press send.

Thanks for answer

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