Call forwarding "* 72" unfortunately I have to solve, suggestions? would be very welcome [SOLVED]

Call forwarding “* 72”

I created this new post to analyze a problem that failed to investigate in a previous post

Here is the scenario:
FreePBX in cloud without NAT no connected phone …

If you activate Call forwarding, you will hear it ring but you will not hear audio

From the log I don’t know anything

Anyone have suggestions?

Can you verify the following to make sure I’m understanding the issue?
-caller calls extension(no forwarding). call works fine.

-extension enabled forwarding to outside number.
-caller calls extension, and hears the ringback.
-forward destination answers. The call is connected, but there is no audio.
Does that sound correct?

If so,
-does it make a difference if the caller is an outside number, versus another internal extension?
-does it make a difference if the forward destination is to an outside number, versus another internal extension?
-if the call is answered and there is no audio, does the call eventually hang up automatically after about a minute?

One setting to look at in the FindMe/FollowMe Settings is Confirm Calls. If that is enabled, the call receiver needs to press 1 to be connected. If the announcement sounds are not set up properly, the receiver might not be able to tell what’s happening.

Of course I check point by point:

-The call to the number from etensione works correctly

-the extension has enabled transfer

  • the ring arrives on the number but the calling side does not hear the ringing

  • the person called answers but nothing is heard

-the call stays on without falling

  • the “FindMe / FollowMe” function is disabled

When forwarding is enabled, does the problem happen if the caller is another extension?
For example:
ExtA calls ExtB. ExtB forwards to OutsideNumber
and compare with
OutsideCaller calls ExtB. ExtB forwards to OutsideNumber

Also, do you know what Caller ID is getting sent with the forwarded call? And is this a SIP provider that is being used?

If the call starts from an extension to the extension that activated the transfer then everything works correctly

on the other hand, if the call comes from a trunk, nothing is heard

the supplier used is “Clouditalia”

unfortunately I have to solve the problem, someone has suggestions would be very welcome

looking at the call log I get this:
log2.tgz (2.9 KB)