Call Forward

Hi all, I’m asking for some help with a Free pbx install.

I have two incoming lines. Line 1 rings a ring group which works fine. Now this is where its get complicated. I would like line 2 to ring a different ring group. That is also fine. However i would like to be able to divert Line 2 away from the ring group to an external number as and when required.

My idea is to buy another handset with say extension number 200, the user would then either call forward to the ring group so it rings internally on the designated ring group, or call forward to the external number when they need to.

My question is… Is it possible to do this without having a another handset? i.e. set up two extensions on one phone? or something similar?


How about the “Call Flow Control” module? Formerly known as “Day/Night Mode.”

sounds like a good shout! I’ll give it a go! Thanks