Call Forward will not Delete ---

I am missing a step shomewhere here…

did a database show CF and then a database del CF NPANXXXXXX

did a reload

Now a database show CF is clean …

But the calls are still being forwarded and I don’t see from where…
Can anyone give me some possiable direction…

Box is an old 2.4 TB with

Connected to Asterisk 1.2.14
FreePBX Administration 2.2.0rc3

Feb  9 11:27:39 VERBOSE[2908] logger.c:     -- Got SIP response 302 "Moved Temporarily" back from
Feb  9 11:27:39 DEBUG[2908] chan_sip.c: Found 302 Redirect to extension '404xxxyyyy'
Feb  9 11:27:39 VERBOSE[29103] logger.c:     -- Now forwarding SIP/5060-b780e968 to 'Local/[email protected]' (thanks to SIP/2101-08381a68)

Will be taking the box to PiaF soon… But need to try and fix this now.


Check the phone and see if it has a call forward setup. My Aastra phones can be configured to autoforward to a different number and you’ll not find anything in the system about it until the call hits the phone and is told to do so.

Interesting thought, the Endpoint is a Cisco 7960 and is at the IP address referenced in the “SIP response 302”

But it will not answer a Telnet or Http request so I may just have to go down there. However, I thought the Cisco SIP Softkeys set the Asterisk functions, and there was a database CF in that system that I did delete.

Disconnect the phone, call it and see if it still forwards. This will let you know if it’s a phone or system issue.


Turned out the someone set CFwdALL on one of the 7960 extensions in the ring group. This was the key " chan_sip.c: Found 302 Redirect to extension ‘404xxxyyyy’"

Two minute side trip enroute to another meeting and problem resolved.

Thanks All who responded…