Call forward via VOIP Provider


I have a problem with calls forward to my provider.
I need to see callee number in Destination forward number.
To do that, I have to send my provider SIP request 302 (moved).
How can I configure freepbx to enable forward with that SIP request?

302 is a response, not a request. That means that it can only be used before the PABX has answered the caller. In particular, that, in practice, means you cannot interact with the caller; there can be no IVR.

To use it, you need to use the Asterisk Transfer application. I couldn’t find a way of doing that within the GUI framework, although I could have missed it. As such you may have to use custom dialplan. Note that this is a little used feature, so is relatively likely to be buggy. It is not supported by many channel drivers, although your reference to 302 indicates you are using chan_sip or chan_psjip, which should support it.

Thank you for your information.

Also note that the Transfer application can be used after answer, but works differently. It would require the provider to accept SIP REFER requests.

In both cases, expect the call to be billed as though still passing through FreePBX, even though it is theoretically possible to optimised back so as the original caller is routed as though they called the new number directly.

If the original caller has connected line information, they may see the true destination.

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