Call forward Unconditional

Any one has an idea, on how to increase ringtime if call forward unconditional(*72) are enable to cell phone. i just want to eliminate voicemail and will continue to ring my cell phone.

thanks in advance

Please try to be more specific. I’m seeing several possible interpretations to your question.

when my extension are enable (call forward unconditional or *72 feature codes) set to my cell phone, i dont want the voicemail will answer in case the call did not answer it means rings my cell phone unlimited. it’s up to the caller to hangup.

cause in regular way - 3 to 4 rings then the voicemail will take over. is this posible?


FollowMe is the way to go when forwarding to a cell phone…


FollowMe is good.
But what if the user use there extension & voicemail when are in the office and when going out use *72 to activate call forward to there cell phone or any number they want. i try to google scripts that can increase ringtime but no lucky. Is this posible?

thanks for the response

We forward a number of phones to cell phones here. We don’t worry about turning it on an off. Since the numbers in the FollowMe setup can be set up to ring at the same time, we can answer whatever phone (office or cell) is most convenient.

If you want to be able to turn FollowMe on and off, check out devstate.


What i mean this is not only one person, may be 10 or more people using this features. so using *72 (call forward unconditional) they can set what they number they want to do. This also can benifits PBX Administrator to lessen work load.

Actually the main issue for me is the Ringing time, just want to find how to increase the ringing timer for call forward features.