Call Forward Unconditional (*72) reverts to * VM


I’m running 2.1.3 with *…when a user forwards their extension to a cell phone using *72 and the extension is dialed, an outbound call is placed to the cellphone which times out after 15 seconds and reverts to the * VM for that extension rather than ringing long enough for the person to answer the cell phone or for the cell VM to answer. I have found that the length of the timeout corresponds to the “Number of seconds to ring phones before sending callers to voicemail” entry on the General Settings page.

I don’t believe that a forwarded call should be subject to this timeout as it doesn’t give the target of the forward adequate time to answer (and in the case of a cell, not enough time to let cell VM answer if that’s what you prefer).

I see that the dial command that ultimately dials the cell phone is setting a timeout of 120:

Executing Dial(“Local/9303332XXXX@from-internal-bf33,2”,
“SIP/CVC/1303332XXXX|120|r”) in new stack

Which is getting overidden for some reason since next I see this:

Called CVC/1303332XXXX
– Local/9303332XXXX@from-internal-bf33,1 is ringing
– SIP/CVC-ca95 is making progress passing it to Local/9303332XXXX@from-internal-bf33,2
– Nobody picked up in 15000 ms

At which point the caller is sent to * VM. As I mentioned above I see that the 15 second timeout corresponds to the 15 seconds that an extension will ring before being sent to VM as set on the General Settings page. If I change this setting to a higher number (100 for example), the forwarded call rings though to the cell phone long enough for someone to answer or go to cell VM…however this has the side effect of making all calls to extensions wait the longer timeout before being sent to * VM.

Can anyone else confirm this behavior?


I can confirm this is the case. Did you ever find a way round this?