Call forward to Google voice


I have a Asterisk/PBX running on Openwrt router with Callcentric SIP (US DID number) and also Google voice is configured. Both inbound / outbound calls are working fine from my Linphone softphone.

I use an Android phone so my google account is integrated with my phone. Any incoming calls to my google voice number rings my hangout application in android. My outgoing calls are primarily US numbers so I dial out from my hangout app.

I want to get rid of Linphone and route all incoming calls to my google voice number. say user A calls my Callcentric SIP URI and asterisk forwards the call to my google voice number. I will receive the call in hangout app.

I have searched in various forums but unable to find any answers to this. I would like to know
Whether this is possible in asterisk?
Is so, could you please guide me the configuration in asterisk.