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I have sangoma phones. FreePBX installed on server. I want to set Night mode IVR where I have options , press 4 for support. now I want to redirect that call on support person’s cell phone but we have 3 person s for support which will take turns for every week. so I want them to set their cell number by dialing some Feature code and there number which will ring on incoming calls and press 4.

any idea how we can achieve with sangoma phones and FreePBX?
Thank you .

any help please

You’ll need a custom dialplan for this.

can you please brief what is custom dialplan?

FreePBX is a GUI for Asterisk, anything you configure in the GUI, FreePBX will the generate the actual config and Asterisk dialplans in the Asterisk conf files for you.

Anything that doesn’t exist in FreePBX, you’ll need to write a custom “not out of the box” dialplan.

we are moving to FreePBX next week and with our current PBX there is option available to dial an extension → code → cell number to make that extension now route on entered cell number from Handset it self. There should be a way with Asterisk FreePBX too.

You could start with

how you provide the destination is very ‘up to you’

thank you dicko for your reply.
My situation is as follows →
I have Sangoma S505 and S705 handsets.
I have Night time IVR on Time condition. there are 2 options on IVR 3 and 4. if caller press 4 that should reach to extension 252. but on Extension 252 I want to toggle Follow me cell number to different number every week. so when supports guys comes every Monday morning they toggle their own cell number by dialing EXT 252 from their desk phone.
Is it possible to achieve this with freePBX?
Thank you again ,

Yes it can do that but not without some ‘customization’ , how do you compute the ‘different number every week’ ? Is it formulaic or does someone have to look it up somewhere else?

on current system it is set like person dial 252 extension from there desk phone and dail code than dial there cell number and hang up . so next time from IVR when call redirect to 252 extension it will ring to their cell number .

basically setting up follow me number by dialing that Extension.

Then you will need a custom-destination of 252 that will accomplish that.

there is no option on IVR Entries to select custom - destination.

There won’t be until you create one

I’ll try that on sandbox first. thank you anyways.

Always a good thing to try things out somewhere safe :wink:


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