Call Forward Ring Group to Different External Numbers

I am trying to use call Flow control to create a button to that will send calls to a Misc destination after hours. Works fine. However, the issue is the Misc Destination changes every night. What is the best method using Call Flow Control to update the Misc destination number from the phone?

I like dynroutes for this

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Thanks but Dynamic Routes is not listed for me in applications

Upgrade or look for the module and install it. It is by far the best tool for the job on FreePBX.

Thanks. The guide doesn’t really explain how this would work for my setup. What would my setup be for 5 cell phones with same DID?

The example @lgaetz provided (with pictures) is literally what you would do to accomplish what you are describing though?

Step 1: You have a dynamic route that you call and press a digit to activate a different destination based on your need. This basically is setting a variable you will use in your customer call treatment. This is where you define the 5 separate cellphone options.

Step 2: You create a second dynamic route that your customers call into (the one DID), that references the value stored in Step 1 and routes accordingly. Instead of routing to extensions, you could route to misc destinations.

I have done this to the “T” and it’s not working. I do not have the option “Enable Substitutions” which is shows set to “Yes” either. When I dial the feature code, it just says enabled. I then change my inbound route to Call Flow Control, which points to the dynamic route, and it just hangs up

I am not having any luck. I even opened a ticket with sangoma (1051147). This is a high priority and they closed it saying it’s meant for incoming calls? I just need to be able to forward a DID from any location to a different external number

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