Call forward not displaying on the phone

i have a freepbx system( Asterisk 11.4) with cisco ip phones (8841 & 7965G) running on sip. the issue that i have is when you enable call forwarding on the phone, its suppose to display that its call forwarding to the number you put, but in this case it doesn’t display anything. but when i check in the asterisk DB i can see that call forwarding is enabled for that extension.

yes im using freepbx 2.11 for the GUI.

i have checked in extensions.conf & extensions_additonal.conf and the extension in question is there.

i also tried to create a brand new extension and still it does the same thing.

When you enable Call Forward on the PBX for the extension, there is nothing displayed on the device automatically. You would need to set up a BLF button, and have the button LED change status when CF is enabled.

In almost every case, users are better served by using Follow Me, not Call Forward.

Went EOL something like 6 years ago, you need a plan to get on a supported version.

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