Call Forward from Ring Group

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PBX Firmware:5.211.65-5
PBX Service Pack:

I have an inbound route with it’s destination a Ring Group forwarding to my external mobile number. When a person calls and are forwarded they hear a couple of fast busy tones after I answer. Is it possible to remove this so the caller does not hear a confusing response? After the momentary fast busy the call is fine.

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Is it possible you have duplicate destination in the ring group. In other words, you are calling your mobile phone using two channels simultaneously from withing the same context? For example you can have the “follow me” to your mobile in one of the extensions listed in the ring group, while your mobile number also listed as its own entry in the same ring group. You can test this by removing your mobile phone from the ring group list and see if you still get the call. I am pretty sure the two busy tones is not a feature you can remove, but an error of some sort in the PBX configuration.

I had this working fine on a tarball install and restored it on the FreePBX Distro to gain access to Commercial Modules. Before going any further I deleted the trunk, outbound route and ring group, plus two extensions. Created them manually tested and its all good.

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