Call forward/DISA/Follow me doesn't work when outbound route requires pin!

Everyone I need some urgent help. Long story short, I have 10 physical extensions. 8 are actual users with extension 1000, 2000, 3000 etc for example. Then 2 are located in my conference room and seating area.

I wanted a way to track if one of my main users made a call from out there so someone suggested making a pin set and giving a pin to each user. I did this, and required my 1 and only outbound route to use that pinset. In extensions for each of my 8 users I enabled pinless dialing and required it for the conference room and seating area. This has worked perfect.

Here’s the problem. Lets say I call forward my extension 3000 to my cell phone. Normally my extension has pinless dialing, but if someone calls my extension, it requests they enter their password followed by pound! Same with if I have follow me on, I can have it set to ring at my desk, cell phone and home and it asks the user for their password.

I assume it does this since it’s using my outbound route which requires a pin. I can’t seem to find anywhere though to fix this since this isn’t practical. Any help??

create 2 routes, the first requiring a pin, the second one not.

On the first, set the pattern to include the CID, putting the CID of the conference room and seating area. This is the route those two phones will use.

Now, when those phones call any number, a pin will be required. When any of the other phones call, they will not use that route since it only matches on the route/CID of the 2 specified, so it will take the second route. Then there is no reason to set pinless dialing on the extensions either.

This require FreePBX 2.7 or greater, see the tooltip for routing to see how to enter the CID as part of the route patterns.

Thanks I’ll give this a shot. The only thing is in terms of caller ID, all extensions show the same outbound caller ID, my SIP provider doesn’t allow me to change that. So even if I said that extension 1000, 2000, 3000’s etc outbound caller ID should be 555-555-5555, it still shows 416-123-1234 as the outbound. Does FreePBX match whatever I put as their caller ID or does it match the actual? I assume it must match whatever I put, meaning should I just make up an outbound caller ID for those 2 phones and have my outbound route with Pin match that ID and then the rest will just use the second route?

for the outbound routes, it matches the INTERNAL extension numbers, not any outbound CID.

Those are not determined until each trunk is tried.

I have a simular issue. I set a Route Password. I have 100 extensions. The password is common, and only a few will have it. The extensions are used primarily for inbound calls which are then set to ring both the extension and in the follow me an outside cell phone. The cell phone is not ringing, so I think the ringall is set to 99-18885551212# So it rings both x99 and the outside number which I made up for this post. How do you get the follow me to select a route?