Call Forward, Call Flow (Nightmode) & Queue

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I’m in need of your input/advice on my current setup:

  1. Have a main number that hits one Call Flow which is our Switch to Night Mode
  2. Normal Flow for Night Mode = Queue, Override Flow = Announcement (Nigh Mode after hours)
  3. Only have one Queue, this queue has many agents.
  4. Queue is set to fail back on itself indefinitely until calls are answered.

So far so good, however here are a few key requirements.
When calls come through but not answered go back to Queue
When calls come through to Agent directly but busy go back to Queue
Each Agent has a direct number, so having call forwards helps in the event that they are away or busy.

I need Team leaders to have access to UCP to control call forward of their staff.
Pointing the call forwards to the Queue works well when Call Flow is not active.

Obviously when Call Flow (night mode) is active, I have issues if people call the agents directly,
As after the call forward for no answer kicks in and points to Queue it will ring the Queue and make all the phones ring.
However for the life of me I can’t figure out a way to set call forward to the Call Flow via UCP.

Current setup:
All Agents have their Call Forward Busy set to Queue in UCP
All Agents have their No Answer set to Call Flow in their Advance tab of their Extension under Optional Destinations.

This somewhat works but it takes away the control from my Team Leaders.

Maybe there is a better way for me to set this up both Queue wise & Night mode wise.
I have noticed that doing a No Answer or Busy to Call Flow in the Advance Tab vs to Queue, as an external caller the ringing changes when it does the switch.

I’ve had a few outsiders point that out to me.

Thank you for giving me your thoughts on this.
Definitely willing to learn.

Why is your queue falling back on itself? If you have callers waiting that long and then suddenly getting sent to the back of the line, I never want to call you.

You design a queue to hold callers in order until the calls are answered or your super max wait time is exceeded. I rarely use a Queue for the SMB and they fail to a ring group almost every time. Then another group and then another. always including more phones.

If the queue order is not lost when your queue sends the call back to itself, great.

Flow Charts and are your friend. Did I get this right?

Hello Sorvani, thank you for your reply.

We have our Queue falling back on itself because we want to make sure that the selected agents in that Queue are not going to miss a call. We may need to tweak our Ring Strategy to better handle the incoming calls.

The problem with the Personal DID is that it doesn’t go through the Call Flow Control Night Mode, so when it on and someone calls the personal DID and doesn’t answer. All phones in that Queue will ring.

That’s problem No.1.
Problem No.2 is to be able to give our Team Leaders control to their staff’s Call Forwards in UCP.
However I believe you can’t set the call forwards to the Call Flow Control, it only accepts Extension etc… That’s why Queue is handy because we could set that up.

Let me know if there is a better way to set this up.
Thank you.

If this is really how you want this to work, don’t redirect the call to the queue - redirect to the call flow control. That way, you catch the “after work” people.

Sending the queue to itself reorders your callers - the oldest caller becomes the newest caller. That’s bad. Theoretically, the guy that called the first will be picked up last.

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Something doesn’t make sense here. If a caller is in the queue and there are no available agents to answer the call, they simply stay in the queue waiting their turn. There’s no reason to “fall back” on the queue they are already in… That’s the point of it.

Once the max timeout occurs you can send them to VM or an IVR for other choices but you don’t want to “re-enter” them into the queue.

As for night mode and direct dial DID’s Cynjut is correct, instead of sending them to the queue send them to the callflow if the agent they direct dialed is unavailable or busy.

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