Call Flow Toggle Control and deactivate others flows automatically

Hi all!

I have three different flows and all of them works fine. I have three cloured buttons that activate/deactivate each flow.

What I need is to know if it’s possible to deactivate 2 of them automatically when one flow is activated.

This is what I have on my freepxb machine:

Inbound call —> Flow 1 (deactivated) —> Flow 2 (deactivated) ----> Flow3 (activated) ----> voicemail
Inbound call —> Flow 1 (deactivated) —> Flow 2 (activated) ----> Ring Group
Inbound call —> Flow 1 (activated) ----> IVR

It’s easier for the user to use just one button to activate one flow ande deactivate others, becase only one button would be cloured in green colour and others would be in red.

Is there any way to do this?


the short answer i think is no, but there may be another way to skin this cat, if you care to explain what the various flow controls are attempting to do

Well, I think the explanation is clear enough… what do you mean?

Best regards.

This is the part where you lost me.

Do you want one button to tristate the choices, or do you want each button to deactivate the other two?

Either way, I think you’re going to end up writing a program to do your state activation and deactivation. Hook this into a custom-context and assign either one or three feature codes. Program your single/three button(s) to activate each feature code.

If you want to use the TimeConditions module instead, I think you could set up a cascading time condition set that would accomplish this, which gives you two buttons (one to toggle from 1 to 2, and one to toggle from 2 to 3, which would only be active when 2 is active). The advantage there is that you could also use time and date conditions to manage the states.

Yes, that’s what I want. I’ll try to create custon context to it.