Call Flow Control / Time Conditions

I have previously been able to “link” a Call Flow Control with a Time Condition and my existing Call Flow / Time Conditions are still linked. If I create a new time condition and/or a Call Flow, there no longer appears to be an option to link/associate these. If I was able to do this it would resolve a problem i’m trying to work through. If you know how to solve the above problem in freepbx 2.10, please let me know.

If not, please advise if you have any other suggestions on how to implement the following.

Customer has 2 locations and 3 “on call” persons.

When site 1 is open, wish for them to answer their own phone call. If Site 2 is open and site 1 doesn’t answer right away, would like to ring the phones at both locations. I would also like to do the same in reverse. If the 2nd site (not the one called) is open, should ring there before next step. If both sites are closed or ringing phones at site 1 and 2 doesn’t get answered, then pass the call to the on call person or persons. If call is not answered, ring all phones everywhere for predetermined amount of time, and finally land in a voicemail.

It sounds simple, but with the limits of 10 call flows and without having to make the users turn on/off multiple call flows each time they are available/not available, doesn’t seem to be possible without the problem at the top working.

Guess what i’m looking for is routing based on “IF” statement as to whether a day/night is toggled on/off as opposed to the only option being a day/night determining where a call will go

I’m not sure what you mean by “call flows”. Are you talking about inbound routes, queues, ring groups, or something else?

module “Call Flow Control” defaults to *280 feture code to toggle between two destinations. “Time Conditions” module works in somewhat similar manner, but automatically switches destinations based on time. In the past versions of freepbx you could “link” the two.

My issue is that I have 5 people on call after hours to chose from but only one of them at any given time. I would like to be able to use call flows or some “enduser friendly” way to allow them to select which person gets the calls after hours. I believe the call control will only work with 2 options. Any ideas?

I didn’t find much within the constrains of a freepbx module. Seems that everyone is only interested in their own particular situation.

Couple of ideas that I’ve started on but haven’t finished personally.

1). Integrate with google calendar: I’ve actually used google calendar events to set up who gets called at what number when x option is pressed. Not exactly the solution I was hoping for as the end users themselves need the ability to quickly change “who” is on call, and there might be one or more than one answering. My website that shows how to do that is

2). Configure ring groups for each number that might need to be on call. Add these ring groups to a queue as dynamic agents. The call flow that goes to the on call queue will ring any agent logged in. if there is no agent logged in, might have a failover destination that rings ALL of the oncall people and play message in advance advising them that no one was logged into oncall?

In other notes, no, i never got this implemented and if the freepbx feature worked like it used to, it would have helped out rather than having to reinvent the wheel that someone else just got rid of for no known reason.

I would do it as matthew suggests. A dynamic queue where the person on call is logged on and off the queue. Rather than ring groups, I’d be tempted to create a custom extension that points to the desired outside number.


Thanks for the advise guys. So if i use an ACD and then setup custom exyensions with external cell numbers, what is the best way to log the extension in and out of the ACD for the admin person? Can this also be setup so it can be done via the user portal?