Call Flow Control Status Indicator

I need some ideas to be able to show the current call flow control status. I want to be able to see, at a glance, whether calls are being routed to the reception desk or to the IVR, etc. We use FreePBX with Cisco 7961 phones but I’m quite willing to set up some sort of external indicator. The PC where the system lives has USB and RS232 ports. It has room to add daughter cards, if needed.
Your suggestions?

I’ve not heard of a separate device. That doesn’t mean one does not exist, but I haven’t been able to find one. The cheapest idea I can think of is a SIP softphone on the computer or something like a Sangoma P310 (or any supported phone).

If you have some programming experience, you could take advantage of the AMI and pull the hint status and present it in an app, webpage, etc…

These might not be the only answer, other people on the forum might have ideas.

Does the receptionist phone support BLF (non-Cisco, Cisco 3PCC/MPP model, or Asterisk patches to support BLF on Cisco enterprise phones)?

If so, add a BLF key for (assuming default feature codes) *280. They can press the key to toggle the flow control and the light will show the current status.

If not, I recommend replacing the phone with a BLF-capable one, primarily because seeing which phones are in use greatly improves call handling. Seeing the CFC status is a bonus. You can repurpose the old phone as a spare, or put it somewhere (break room, mail room, etc.) where it will occasionally be useful.

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since you are simply looking at a astdb setting you can poll that and set something accordingly

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Thanks very much for the starters. I’m afraid I’m a phone Newb. I don’t know what “BLF” or “astdb” mean. I would like to know status of *280 and *282.

As a ‘Newb’ you will probably come to regret your prior choice of Cisco hardware, it makes everything very harder for you. Mostly the 7??? phones are ‘abbreviated’ SIP phones that relied on CUCM for much function.

Sounds like an end point manager supported phone is your best bet then.

I got all the Cisco phones donated. We have a dual system, where we use Telos VX6 phones in the studios but the Ciscos for offices. The Telos guy who set it up, knew how to get both systems to talk to each other with FreePBX on an Asterisk server.

Then ask the Telos guy ?
You will probably need to graduate from ‘Newb’ though, but there are many posts here and elsewhere to aid that.

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