Call Flow Control - more options

Hi all,

At the moment I’m working on our new PBX system (AsteriskNOW + FreePBX), most of the things already working. Only I got a question about the Call Flow Control function/module.

When you creating a new Call Flow, you can only choose 2 options. The first one is “Normal Flow” and the second one is “Override Flow”. But in our configuration we need 4 ~ 6 options, so my question is how can this be realize?

This is what we want:
Normal Flow: Time Condition
Override Flow: Ring group (External number)
Override Flow: Ring group (Other external number)
Override Flow: Ring group (Other external number)
Override Flow: Ring group (Other external number)

I already found this page: only this is for creating more Call Flow Controls.

Thanks for helping me!

Nobody who have any clue for this problem/feature request?

Call flow control is either/or. I would think you might get some help by fully describing what you are trying to accomplish, that way someone might be able to suggest how it may be done from within the existing system.


Thanks for your reply, I will try to explain what we need exactly. My main language isn’t English, so I hope someone will understand what I mean :wink:

In our office we got several small teams working, when a team go to lunch we changing in the destination from time condition to a cell phone (ring group with one external number - Call Flow Control). The only problem is, when someone isn’t at the office we need to change the cell phone number in the ring group to a number of someone who is present. The other problem is, to many people need to get access of our PBX back-end for changing this setting.

So what is our idea, we want a button on our VOIP phone with a destination change function. With one button we want to switch between the following options:

Option 1: Time Condition
Option 2: External number colleague 1
Option 3: External number colleague 2
Option 4: External number colleague 3
Option 5: External number colleague 4
Etcetera, etcetera.

Is this possible with a module or something? We’re using Cisco VOIP phones.

It is not clear if all your teams have to answer calls while the one at lunch not , or contrary , the one at lunch has to answer his own call.
Does a single team ,in regular time, answer his own DID/inbound route ?
Does a single team at lunch simply need to forward his call to collegues in office?
Does the external number collegue you have listed in example is the only one remaining at office while other are at lunch?
You could anyway try a time condition followed by a call flow control cascade one linked to the following one :
any override output to external number , any non-override output to the following call flow
(remember you have to deactivate the previous activated one as ,this way,they work in priority order)
or perhaps a login -logout approach would be better
let us know

The “problem” is that the whole team lunching together.

But I think that the login-logout solution will work for us, thanks for the idea!