Call File For Feature Code

What does the channel need to be for a call file to dial *45? I am working though creating a call file as a quasi-api to log an agent in and out of queue, as well as pause. I was thinking I could use a call file, dialing Asterisk (*45) with the caller ID of the extension. That would trigger the feature code without the need for the agent to speed dial.


local/*[email protected]
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Channel: LOCAL/*[email protected]
Context: from-internal
application: senddtmf
Data: 2001

Thank you both! This will work.

@dicko what does the 2001 represent? Is that the extension I want to login/out?

That was the intention


I am not sure what you are working on. But you can run a bash script that does something like

asterisk -rx"queue add member <dial string> to <queue> [[[penalty <penalty>] as <membername>] state_interface <interface>]"

Or you can also use Asterisk ARI (or is it AMI) to add/remove queue members

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I was tinkering with that before deciding to switch gears. I have many groups with multiple queues, so I want to invoke the mass login/out and pause afforded by the prebuilt feature codes. I was thinking of just triggering their agi (like they do when you dial *4X, but was having trouble with that, so I am shifting to call files while I figure out how to call their agi from my python agi.

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