Call extension voicemail directly

hi I would like to be able to call an extension example 100 and directly leave a blank message to its voicemail. I would like a short number to dial that contains the extension to directly leave a message to the voicemail of that extension. it’s possible ?

i tried with * 98100 then password then 3 and 5 but it’s too complex

Thanks in advance

VM direct dial prefx is set in feature codes and the default is *, to directly reach 100’s mailbox you dial *100

with *100
i tried but:
Your call cannot be completed as dialed.

There may be a conflict with the Contact Manager speed dial code for extensions starting with 1and 0. Are you able to direct dial vm for extensions that don’t start with 10? If so, you can change either of the codes in Feature Codes, usually I will update speed dial prefix to **10

If it’s not that, provide a call trace for a failed attempt: Providing Great Debug - Support Services - Documentation

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Seems to contact manager the problem.
I solved using the Voicemail Blasting module by entering only one user (100) in the Voicemail Box List
thanks :pray: :pray:

your solution works too :slight_smile:

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