Call Event Logging

Hi all,
I am new in FreePBX and I have some question about the call recording features.

  1. In “Call Event Logging”, the call records was shows with duration and it is answer, but when I click “Play” icon it cannot start to play. Anyway I can retrive the recordings files.
  2. In “Call Event Logging”, our extension was trying to call to ouside parties, it have duration but the in the cloumn Play is “-” null, I have checked the Show Details and there is no recordcheck records.
  3. Is there any log of extension or configuration change? Want to check any configuration changed for the extension.

Huh, didn’t realize that Call Event Logging seems to have that option. Have you tried listening to the audio in the CDR Reports or the UCP and is it a problem there as well?

Somebody else here might correct me but I am not aware of a setting change audit log in FreePBX.

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