Call Event Logging

I have FreePBX set up in what is, perhaps, a rather unusual way. There are no extensions, no outbound calls and no human receiving calls. Callers simply hear an IVR and use it to navigate a number of pre-recorded announcements which are changed from time to time.

The “Call Event Log” and “Asterisk CDR” viewer are great for knowing who called, but they only tell me the duration of the call and the last visited destination.

I know that if I set verbose logging on then I can see in the log which destinations a caller visited but that requires a fair bit of work. I guess I could use DTMF logging but again it’s still in a log file and requires some trawling through.

Is there an alternative to the Call Event Log screen that will show me a call’s “journey” through the system? That is every destination they visit and for how long? Something like the “Call Event Logging” screen but that showed every step would be perfect.

Something like this…

Call from 555-1234
12:01:15 IVR-001-START
12:01:32 IVR-001-CHOICE-2
12:01:35 IVR-002-START
12:02:42 IVR-002-REPEAT
12:03:21 IVR-002-CHOICE-77

Call from 555-9999
12:51:17 IVR-001-START



Hi @penguinpbx thanks for your reply.

Exactly like that! Any pointers would be most appreciated.

I think one could process the verbose log files with sed, grep, etc., to get that pretty version, but yeah it is work.

No magic module then?

I wonder if it may be easier to use a custom AGI script at each stage to write to a file or database?

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