Call Event Logging Missing many data in table cell

Hi! I use the latest FreePBX Distro from the official website and my PBX is up to date but i got some issue with the CEL module.
The table in the Call Event Logging page is incomplete. All incoming call does not have any information (CallerID, destination (always “s”).
But when I look at the CDR Reports page, everything is okay and complete.
I attached a couple of picture to help.
Here is my configuration:

  • Asterisk Version:
  • Distro Version:
  • Distro:
    FreePBX Distro

Many thanks!!!

Hi! Anybody have an idea? :slight_smile:



Not everything that’s a Call Event has all of that information. The difference between the two is minor, but they logs do portray different information. What you are seeing doesn’t really look that wrong to me.

Hi!! Thanks for quick reply! Here is a screenshot of another FreePBX i manage. This one is on FreePBX Why they are so different?

Thanks for your time!


Hi! Any idea?



Here is my last try :slight_smile:



It’s possible it’s a bug, is your PBX up to date?

When you click on “show” does it have the missing data?

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