Call don't work on access point

Hi All,

I am having a weird issue. I bought a new router to use as an access point for my home office. Its a very simple setup. I gave it a static IP and put it in AP mode. Call are not working on my softphone on this access point. I reconnect to my main WiFi and boom all good again. I have tried disabling the firewall and fail2ban. I monitor real-time with “asterik -r” and nothing.

Internal calls do not work either (ext to ext). Does anyone have any idea why? It is an access point so my IP does not change. I am using a linphone, call attempts just hang until it stops with code 408 timeout.

Any assist would be appreciated.

If the issue only occurs when connected to that access point then it is a problem with that model device. Likely even though you are in AP mode it still is applying some SIP ALG or other odd setting.

Perhaps you could try to put it into router mode to expose that setting, disable it, then put it back into AP mode. However if that doesn’t work this forum may not provide further help since it is clearly an issue with that router.

I figured it might be a router issue, but I had reached out to the vendor and they said I should put it in AP mode and maybe check the PBX. I was just throwing it out there in case anyone has had the issue and solved it.
thank you @adell4444

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