Call dial / intercom delay

Hi All,
I have a client who have PBXact UC 60, he is having long delays when he calls outbound, and when he call internal which all internal extension are set auto-answer, it is about 5 second delay before the call gose through. Also somtimes his calls drops, he is also complaining about the voice is not clear.
He only have 13 extensions so the load is not there.

Any ideas.

Thank you

Show a call trace from the Asterisk full log so the lines have time stamps, it should show the source of the delay:

Is the delay on the phone? The phone is waiting x seconds for input before dialing?

This is important. What phones fo you have? Certain models and certain forwards sometimes have issues.

The phones im using are Yealink T46S and T58A, when i hit send on the phone send to PBX immediately then it takes about 2 to 3 sec before rings ones then intercom picks up so is about 4 second till you hear the other end talking.

Thank you.

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