Call Detailed Report - what does "s" mean in the "Dst " feild


Can anyone tell me what the “s” means in the “Dst” feild in the “Call Detailed Reports” means ?

Many thanks- Leigh

It’s the ‘start’ context. Usually shows up in the CDR reports when a caller enters an IVR and hangs up without making a selection.

Greetings kerensen,

Many thanks for your kind reply, I thought it was something to do with an incomplete calls or when there was some sort of error occurred. However it shows up on a lot of calls – IVR calls, non IVR direct incoming calls and internal extension to extension calls. If this is some sort of error (which it seems it is), then I would like to solve it as I would like to know where these calls are going too.

Have you or anyone else have any ideas on how I can rectify this error so I get the destination in “Call Detailed Report” ?

Regards – Leigh

Can you reproduce it? If so, post a log of a call where the problem presents itself and the steps you took to produce it, and someone may be able to help.

Hello I am new to the VOIP community just started working on them so forgive me if I sound dumb. That being said, Was this ever followed up on? Im seeing the same thing in my logs and the customer is complaining about when they call in they keep getting hung up on and the other end is saying it was dead air. Also when they try and dial out some times they get all circuits busy and it will take up to a minute for the phone call to actually start ringing and making the call? Any ideas where I should look?