Call Detail Reports shows Ring group not the extension who received the call

Hello Guys,

If anyone can help me figure out what to do with my problem, it would be really a great help for an asterisk noob like me.

Anyway, I’m using version 2.2 with Freepbx v2.2 in it. When going into the the reports manager, I can see an incoming call to a specific ring group. It has 10 extensions defined. Now the question is, is there any way where I can see what extension picked up the call? A pretty simple question but its really hard to answer. I’ve tried googling but to no avail, didn’t find any single solution.



I do not have any active ring groups currently to test this. But you are running a older version of FreePBX and I’d highly recommend that you at least upgrading to the latest 2.4 as 2.5 is about to come out. There have been many improvements between 2.2 and 2.3 let alone 2.4 and soon to be 2.5. So it might be addressed already in one of the newer versions.

Hi fskrotzki,

Thanks for the insight. =)

Good thing you mentioned about freepbx v.2.4. I have it currently installed in one of our systems and found out that its also not reporting which extension really got the call.

I’d like to also address my question to the freepbx support guys. I hope they can help us with this. I really think this would be also very useful to others if ever we can come up with a nice solution/alternative. :wink:


If you are seeing the same issue with 2.4 then I’d file a But report. you can do this on the left hand side, select Development site, Report Bug. That way will see it and have to address it in some way.

While they do see and review many of not all postings here you might not get a reply or correction to the issue, but via bug report you will get a reply and be sure somebody looks at it.

ok then… I’ll file a bug report.

But I’m still hoping that if ever somebody has an alternative method or way, they can also share it to us.

Thanks for the suggestion.