Call Detail Recording - Problem

I have a newish installation of AsteriskNOW (FreePBX 2.9.0beta2.3) with Asterisk upgraded to 1.8.

I am trying to check the call reports and there is nothing there. (Not in the FreePBX gui and not by going into mysql and using: use asteriskcdrdb; select * from cdr; it returns the empty set.)

I was told I need to install the asterisk addons but when trying: “yum install asterisk18-addons” I keep getting: 1:asterisk18-res_fax_digium-1.8.0_1.3.0-1_centos5.x86_64 from installed has depsolving problems --> asterisk18-res_fax_digium conflicts with asterisk18-addons-core
Error: asterisk18-res_fax_digium conflicts with asterisk18-addons-core .

It would appear that the Fax for Asterisk that I tried to install is conflicting with the addons?

Can anybody set me straight?

Thank you!

Sorry, but does anyone have any suggestions? (If not a solution - maybe a better way to ask this?).

I would really love to get this working.

Thanks for looking at this.